Beijing claims Taiwan as its own territory and vowed to annexe the island, by force if necessary

New Delhi: As China threatened Milos Vystrcil, the president of the Czech Republic's Senate, for addressing Taiwan's national legislature, the mayor of Reporyje, a district in Prague, retorted angrily and called Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi a Chinese "wolf warrior diplomat".

Mayor Pavel Novotny shot off a strong-worded letter in response to Wang’s statement on Vystrcil’s visit to Taiwan. Reacting strongly to Vystrcil's visit, the Chinese foreign minister said, "The Chinese government and people will not sit by and let this go unchecked, and will definitely make them pay a heavy price for their short-sighted behaviour and political opportunism.”

While demanding Beijing’s apology for Wang's threats made against his country, he accused the Chinese minister of 'crossing the lines" of diplomatic norms. Novotny slammed the foreign ministry for threatening the Vystrcil and behaving like "unmannered rude clowns."

Beijing claims Taiwan as its own territory and vowed to annexe the island, by force if necessary. 

Defying Chinese threat, the president of the Czech Republic's Senate addressed Taiwan's national legislature and expressed support to the people of Taiwan. Delivering a landmark speech to Taiwan's Parliament, he said, "Maybe I can be more humble, but allow me to use the same determined phrase to conclude my speech in your country's parliament, in Taiwan -- I am Taiwanese." Notably, he concluded the speech in Mandarin, saying "I am Taiwanese".

Vystrcil, who led a 90-member delegation to Taiwan, will meet Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen later in the week.

Importantly, Czech President Milos Zeman has often taken pro-China views. The Czech government accepts Beijing's ‘One China’ policy and does not send official delegations to the country.

Responding to China’s threat, Vystrcil said his visit’s purpose was to highlight Czech sovereignty. He opined that his country "should not listen to the orders of another country, especially a non-democratic country."