Russian President Vladimir Putin may quit from his post in January amid fears he has Parkinson's disease, sources have claimed

Putin’s 37-year-old girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva, and his two daughters are pushing him to leave office, a report in The Daily Mail quoted Moscow political scientist Valery Solovei as saying.

Solovei claimed that Putin may be suffering from Parkinson’s as the president has been seen recently exhibiting symptoms of the disease.

Recent footage of Putin's legs moving around as he gripped onto the armrest of a chair; a twitching pen in the former KGB operative's fingers; and a cup filled with painkillers had raised eyebrows.

This is not the first time that people have speculated that Putin may be suffering from Parkinson's disease.

The speculation comes amid Russian lawmakers considering legislation proposed that would grant ex-presidents lifetime immunity from criminal prosecution.

According to New York Post, Solovei said Putin would soon appoint a new prime minister who would be groomed to become his eventual successor.

The president’s staff, however, has played down rumours on Putin’s plan to step down.