The initial probe has revealed that impact charge explosive with impact charge technology was used in the blast

The twin explosions that rocked the high-security technical area of Jammu airport in the early hours of Sunday may have been planned and executed only for the purpose of “optics," says top sources in the Intelligence Bureau.

“It’s possible that no human is involved in this execution, except operating the drone. Longitude and latitude were taken from Google map. This attack is possibly done only for optics to show their reach to sensitive installations," said top sources.

Intelligence sources also informed that Pakistan army and ISI may have been behind the twin blasts.

Top officials, who did not want to be named, further revealed that the drone used was highly sophisticated and guided. “Proper GPS guidance was given," they said.

Discussions within closed doors of India’s highest investigating agencies have ruled out the involvement of any sleeper cell in Jammu. “The area of blast and nearby 10kms radius is Hindu majority population. In this area, bringing drone with this much explosive is impossible. There was no recent input that any such assembly kind of situation is happening," revealed sources.

Meanwhile, one Nadim-ul-Haq has been arrested but it is claimed that he is not involved in the blasts. “Today’s arrest of Nadim of TRF is unrelated. But his interrogation will help to find out source of IED and explosive. We are probing if Nadim was instrumental in any kind of recce before the blast at the airport," said top officials on conditions of anonymity.

India also has an ongoing ceasefire agreement with Pakistan, which for now, will remain as is.

“We have established systems of communication for raising our concerns. Right now we are awaiting probe results. In case they indicate and confirm towards Pakistan, we will raise it at the appropriate forum. There is no need to revisit ceasefire for now," sources informed.

The initial probe has revealed that impact charge explosive with impact charge technology was used in the blast. “Impact of the explosive comes off when after release it comes in contact with surface with force," informed top officials.

The IEDs were dropped from the height of 100 meters.