All across the United States, the Pakistani regime and its cheerleaders exploit the question of Kashmir to advance Islamist interests and attack India, in state and federal legislatures, newsrooms and town halls

The Pakistani regime, making use of lobbyists, Congressmen, terror supporters, and well-organised grassroots networks of American Pakistani Muslims, is working hard to advance a radical, Islamist-inspired agenda at the highest levels in the United States, using Kashmir as its cause. One Texas-based group, Friends of Kashmir, stands at the forefront of one of these efforts.

On 5 August, 2020, Friends of Kashmir and its head a prominent pro-Pakistani activist, writer and self-described poet named Ghazala Habib organised an online event, in collaboration with the Pakistani embassy and its consulate in Houston, to discuss the "Crisis in Kashmir."

In a sign of the Pakistani regime's growing influence, speakers included the two co-chairs of the United States Congress's Pakistan Caucus, the president of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and the Pakistani ambassador to the United States and the Houston consul-general. Other advertised speakers included Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, along with Texas state legislators Ron Reynolds and Terry Meza.

Sharing a screen with such illustrious figures, however, were open supporters of terror.

Extremists And Congressmen

The webinar was held to mark Youm-e-Istehsal, or 'Day of Exploitation,' an annual event recently established by Imran Khan's government to bemoan India's "seizure" of Kashmir in 2019.

During the webinar, broadcast on social media and American Pakistani television channel TVOne USA, Congressional Caucus co-chairs Representatives Jim Banks and Sheila Jackson Lee offered the dignified remarks expected of seasoned statesmen.

Banks, who has otherwise been an outspoken critic of South Asian Islamist movements, explained his intention to "draw attention to what's going on in Kashmir" and "provide American leadership." Jackson Lee expressed broad support for "security" and "human rights." She fleetingly praised Imran Khan's leadership but quickly switched to topics such as COVID and unrelated events in Lebanon.