During the celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in Beijing, fifteen J-20 fighter jets flew over Tian'anmen Square, being the first time that the J-20 fighter jet has flown over Tiananmen Square on such a large scale.

Previously in the military parade at Zhurihe training base, the air force sent a three-aircraft formation, and in the 2019 National Day parade, a five-aircraft formation. The sheer number of aircraft dispatched this time is not only the first of its kind for military parades and celebrations in China, but also a rarity in the world.

Military expert Fu Qianshao said in an interview that such a number is quite amazing. It is almost impossible to see 15 stealth fighter jets at a foreign air show or a military parade, which demonstrates that China has mastered the mature technology of China's J-20 fighter jets and has entered the mass production stage.

Fu said that in accordance with the practice of relevant activities, there will be more backup ground aircraft, some of which will even also take off and accompany the formation into the official displaying area. Of course, there are also some J-20 fighter jets that do not participate in activities and take on daily combat readiness tasks.

Military expert Song Zhongping believes that the dispatch of 15 J-20 jets at one time shows that this advanced stealth fighter has been mass-produced and China is capable of mass-production. Song believes that more advanced and improved models of J-20 will appear in the future on the current basis.

The increase in fighter jets also indicates the growth and expansion of new-generation pilots. In an interview with CCTV, a J-20 pilot said that in the past, pilots had to fly three generations of fighter jets before flying the most advanced ones after graduation. Now, the process is compressed. Many J-20 pilots interviewed by the media were very young. These young pilots showed good psychological quality and the spirit of a new generation of more open and confident PLA Air Force during the interview.