While Ukraine envoy Igor Polikha today "pleaded" for India's intervention in the conflict with Russia that started this morning, saying a "strong voice" of India might make Russian President Vladimir Putin "think". Earlier Igor praised PM Modi and the country's position as a "strong global leader" however the foreign ministry also faced strong criticism as the Ukraine envoy ended up saying they are "deeply dissatisfied".

"The recommendations and statement of your Ministry of External affairs -- that was India is closely following the development of events. We are deeply dissatisfied with this position. What does this mean -- closely following? Now, 50 people have been killed. When hundreds and thousands will be killed in this case, what will happen? Will follow more closely?" the Ukraine envoy said.

In an emotional appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ukrainian ambassador Dr Igor Polikha told news agency ANI,"I don't know how many world leaders Putin may listen to but the status of Modi ji makes me hopeful. In case of his strong voice, Putin at least should think over. We are expecting for much more favourable attitude of the Indian government."

Before that, the envoy made it clear that Ukraine expects India to be more actively engaged in view of its "special, privileged, strategic relation with Russia".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi "is one of the most powerful, respected world leaders... I don't know how many word leaders Putin may listen to. But the status of Modi-ji makes me hopeful that in case of his s strong voice, Putin at least should think over".

India has expressed "deep concern" and called for de-escalation of hostilities at the United Nations, saying unless it is checked, it can "spiral into a major crisis" that can severely destabilize the region.

Amid ongoing military operations, the Indian Embassy on Thursday issued a third travel advisory to Indian nationals/students. The Mission asked Indians to be aware of the surroundings, be safe, do not leave homes unless necessary and stress on carrying their documents at all times.