Indore: Khamaria, an ordnance factory at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, has achieved a major milestone. The Ordnance Factory Khamaria has handed over a 500 kg GP bomb to the Indian Air Force. The arrival of this bomb will add tremendously to the strength of the Indian Air Force. The first consignment of the 500 kg GP bomb was handed over in the presence of the Commanding Officer of DGAQA and officials of Armament Construction.

There are 21,000 steel balls present in this extremely dangerous GP bomb. Talking about the speciality of this bomb, it has greatly increased the firepower of the Air Force. According to factory sources, its length is 1.9 meters and its weight is 500 kg. The bomb can be launched from the Jaguar and Sukhoi SU-30MKI. The bomb has been manufactured in the F-6 section of the Ordnance Factory in Jabalpur. The 500 KG airdrop bomb will easily target the enemy's large infrastructure like bridge bunker runway and track. It is an advanced bomb for the Air Force which is equipped with a variety of new technologies.

No enemy or weapon within a radius of 100 meters at the attacking site will be able to stand in front of this bomb. These GP bombs are equipped with new technology. One bomb will have 21000 shells of steel of 15 mm each. After the explosion, every sphere will hit up to 50-100 meters. A sphere can penetrate a 12 mm steel plate.