Chowdhry exuded confidence that India can emerge as a "reliable partner" for the world when it comes to hardware production and chip-making.

India's manufacturing push, backed by favourable policies, is timely and positions the country strongly to grab a massive opportunity in the electronics hardware space amid COVID-induced supply chain disruptions and global trust deficit around China, according to HCL co-founder Ajai Chowdhry.

Chowdhry — who is part of the IT ministry-constituted advisory panel of experts that will steer objectives and provide guidance on the semiconductor program — exuded confidence that India can emerge as a "reliable partner" for the world when it comes to hardware production and chip-making.

The policy push around manufacturing has set a fertile ground for transforming the country into a global powerhouse for electronics and semiconductor production, he believes.

"All in all, I think it is a fantastic policy. And I think it has become more critical in the current situation. The global trust deficit around China means there is a great opportunity for us not only to sell semiconductor chips from India but also hardware products that are made in India," Chowdhry told PTI.

“The world is looking for alternatives in this situation where supply chains are becoming very difficult, and India can emerge as a reliable partner because we are recognised like that,” he said.

Globally, the recurring waves of COVID and geopolitical implications of the Russia-Ukraine war have cast uncertainties over the costs and supply chains, but this has also delivered an unexpected "tailwind" for manufacturing.

"For electronics, I think it is a tailwind because, in a manner, it is going to drive us to do more in semiconductor and electronics hardware," Chowdhry said.

Chowdhry has teamed up with fellow HCL founder Arjun Malhotra and semiconductor industry expert Satya Gupta to launch EPIC Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation with the aim to revive the Indian electronics industry by creating indigenous products and brands.

"Our aim is to take Indian electronics to real Atmanirbharta, from the design of electronics products to manufacturing, and design and manufacturing of semiconductor chips. We will work closely with all industry associations, academia, industry and government to achieve EPIC Foundation's mission," said Chowdhry, who is the chairman of newly-launched foundation.

EPIC Foundation is driving two main objectives — creating Indian electronics products and brands in high-impact/high-volume categories, and driving demand for semiconductor chips by scaling the volume for the Indian electronics products.