Jashore: As part of the ongoing Indo-Bangladesh defence cooperation, the 10th edition of the joint military exercise -- SAMPRITI X -- between the Indian Army and the Bangladeshi Army culminated after a validation exercise at Jashore Military Station, Bangladesh.

The 12-day joint exercise resulted in a better understanding and enhancing interoperability between both Armies, informed the Additional Directorate General of Public Information in a tweet.

Exercise SAMPRITI is an important bilateral defence cooperation endeavour between India and Bangladesh which is hosted alternately by both countries. The exercise was conducted from June 5 to June 16, 2022.

This exercise is an important bilateral defence cooperation endeavour conducted alternately by both countries and aims to strengthen and widen the aspects of interoperability and cooperation between both armies.

The aim of the exercise is to strengthen interoperability between the two armies and to understand each other's tactical drills and operational techniques. The Indian contingent of company strength was represented by a Battalion of the DOGRA Regiment and the contingent departed by road for the exercise location on June 4, 2022.

During the joint military exercise Ex SAMPRITI-X, armies of both the Nations shared expertise in multiple simulated scenarios of Counter-Terrorism, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief and UN Peacekeeping Force under UN mandate.

The exercise schedule was progressively planned in such a manner that the participants initially got familiar with each other's organisational structure and tactical drills.

As the exercise progressed, joint tactical exercises were conducted wherein the joint battle drills of both contingents were practised. The exercise culminated with a final validation exercise in which troops of both armies jointly practised a Counter-Terrorism Operation in a simulated environment.

In addition to sharing best practices and understanding each other at the tactical level, this exercise served as an opportunity for greater cultural understanding to strengthen trust and cooperation between the armies of both nations.

The exercise will benefit both armies by gaining from each other's vast experience which will further contribute to peace and stability in the region.