India on Wednesday successfully conducted a night trial of surface-to-surface nuclear capable short-range ballistic missile Prithvi-II from a defence base off Odisha coast.

Defence sources said that mounted on a mobile Tatra transporter-erector launcher the indigenously developed Prithvi-II was launched in salvo mode from the launching complex III at the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at about 7.30 pm.

The test was conducted by the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) of the Indian army as part of an operational exercise. The mission was of greater significance as the system was tested in its deliverable configuration by the army.

This was the second night trial of a missile in the last 10 days. On June 6, the army had successfully conducted the first night trial of a 4000-km range nuke-tipped Agni-IV missile from Abdul Kalam Island.

The night trial of Prithvi-II assumed significance as the missiles fired in the dark are difficult to be tracked and shot down. The test reconfirmed its operational readiness. The missile can be fired anytime and in any terrain in short notice.

A naval ship positioned at the target tracked and monitored the missile hitting the target very accurately. All the radars and other sensors along the east coast monitored the missile's trajectory parameters.

"The successful test was part of routine user training launches carried out by the SFC. The successful test reaffirms India's policy of having a credible minimum deterrence capability," a defence official said.

Fired in full operational configuration, the weapon system destroyed the target and achieved single-digit accuracy reaching close to zero circular error probability.

"The entire flight path of the missile was smooth in accordance with pre-decided coordinates. The mission parameters met successfully as per the coordination," the official said.

The successful training exercises indicate India's operational readiness to meet any eventuality and also establish the reliability of the deterrent component of the country's strategic arsenal.

Prithvi-II can carry a warhead up to one tonne and destroy targets at a distance of 350 km. The nine-metre tall missile having a diameter of 1.1-metre diameter is thrust by liquid propulsion twin engine and uses an advanced inertial guidance system with a manoeuvring trajectory.