MoD, intends to procure 4G (Long Term Evolution-Advance), 4G (LTE-A), Fifth Generation (5g) in Stand Alone/Non Stand Alone architecture based mobile cellular communication network on turnkey basis. With a view to seek inputs from suitable Telecommunication Service providers, original equipment manufactures.

Mobile cellular network bases on 4G/5G mode for field formations of Indian Army deployed in mountainous/semi-mountainous/high altitude region (18,000 feet). The network is envisaged to provide high bandwidth, low latency, reliable and secure voice, messaging and data services in tended are of coverage to fulfil varied optional necessities.

The service should cater for under mentioned: (a) list of sub-systems, equipment, elements, components etc that will be considered for Geo-Redundancy

(b) Detailed mechanism for implementation of Geo-Redundancy at System, Sub-System level down to significant card levels.

There would be a requirement to establish a test bed to evaluate the network solution being offered, the test bed should consist of Core, at least two Nodes (eNodes and gNodeB each) along with backhaul media and other sub-systems necessary to showcase the functionalities offered by the network.