New Delhi: Israeli Ambassador to India Naor Gilon on Wednesday said that the two countries are working together to combat terrorism.

Speaking to ANI exclusively, Gilon said, "I will reaffirm that India and Israel are suffering a lot from terrorism and are also cooperating together whenever we can, to combat terrorism."

He also stressed on the importance of regional groupings, especially of I2U2 bloc comprising India, Israel, UAE, and the US that held its first virtual summit in July 2022.

"I think, it's a very important group together which brings close allies and likeminded countries - UAE, US, India and Israel which put the interests of people ahead. I think that such more groupings - regional groupings can be a very useful element to improve in both Asia and the world - by bringing new technologies, new cooperation, better economy and new values," said the Israeli envoy.

I2U2 was initially formed in October 2021 following the Abraham Accords between Israel and the UAE, to deal with issues concerning maritime security, infrastructure and transport in the region.

At that time, it was called the 'International Forum for Economic Cooperation.' That was referred to as the 'West Asian Quad'.

I2U2 initiative is a new grouping of India, Israel, the US and UAE. In the grouping's name, 'I2' stands for India and Israel, whereas 'U2' stands for the US and the UAE.

This is a great achievement which tells the geopolitical changes that happen in the region.

This will not only revitalize and re-energize the system of alliances and partnerships around the world but also stitch together partnerships that did not exist previously or were not utilized to their full extent.

This will help the countries in exploring security cooperation among the four nations within the framework of these new groupings.

Each of these countries is a technological hub. Biotechnology, of course, is prominent in each of these countries as well.

This initiative offers an opportunity to discuss food security. These countries could cooperate on a number of levels, whether it's technologies, trade, climate, fighting against Covid-19, or even security.

India will get the advantage of the Abraham Accords to deepen engagement with Israel without risking its ties with the UAE and the other Arab states.

Moreover, India is a massive consumer market. It's a massive producer of high-tech and highly sought-after goods as well. India will benefit from this grouping.

It will help India in building alliances -- political alliances, and social alliances.