Islamabad: Pro-Baloch groups have voiced serious concern over the recovery of the dead bodies on the roof of Nishtar hospital in Pakistan's Punjab province.

Several media reports said that hundreds of dead bodies were recovered in dubious circumstances, indicating that those people are forcibly Baloch disappeared persons.

In a statement, the Baloch National Movement (BNM) spokesperson said that the dead bodies discovered on the roof of Multan hospital and the condition of the dead bodies concern them.

The spokesperson said that the news went viral on social media with gruesome videos and pictures that around five hundred unidentified mutilated bodies were found.

"Those who were thrown on the roof inhumanely, whose flesh was being eaten by vultures and crows. These bodies were identified by Tariq Gujjar, adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab. Despite this, the Pakistani media has suppressed this news. It also shows this reality is against Pakistani institutions that is why this news is being hidden in media," the BNM spokesperson said.

"In this month, the bodies of 168 unidentified people were found in Punjab. Those who were declared unknown persons and buried unanimously," the spokesperson added.

Baluchistan Liberation Front (BLF) chief Allah Nazar Baloch described the recovery of hundreds of dead bodies as a huge tragedy and urged the UN and the human rights agencies to take urgent notice of the gruesome incident.

He demanded that a fact-finding mission must be sent to Multan. He alleged that earlier, Pak security forces used to throw the dead bodies of Baloch people in various cities of Baluchistan after abducting them.

The BLF chief alleged that Pakistan has crossed all limits of ruthlessness and barbarity and it is high time that the international community breaks its silence and takes practical measures.

He added that the recovery of hundreds of human corpses from a single site is a big slap on the face of the people who considered the parliamentary politics of Pakistan as a guarantee of Baloch people's rights.

"No one can even imagine that in this modern era, human bodies are abandoned in such large numbers and the state remains free of its responsibilities," he added.

However, all this is happening in Pakistan in broad daylight. He stressed that political struggle is the only option to get rid of ongoing repression and brutalities being perpetrated by Pakistan.