Bharat Dynamics Limited is slated to manufacture the Israeli LORA theatre quasi ballistic missile in India. LORA is a weather surface to surface missile, combining long range, precision and lethality

The LORA (shorthand for "LOng Range Attack") is a tactical missile developed in Israel.

The LORA is a Long-Range Artillery Weapon System capable of engaging strategic targets deep in the enemy's territory from mobile or maritime platforms. LORA is an effective solution for destroying targets deep in enemy territory.

Typical targets are fixed or transportable including infrastructure assets. The high explosive warhead can be delivered with significant accuracy, with a circular error probable (CEP) of 10 m across the whole range. The missile can be launched within minutes from unprepared positions. Any target whose location is known within the range of the missile can be attacked and destroyed within less than 10 minutes from the launch decision.

The LORA uses a shaped trajectory flight mode. LORA is stored in a sealed canister, enabling very low maintenance costs.

The guidance system of the LORA is internal navigation system with GPS assistance. It may also be steered directly into a target of the operator's choice via TV guidance during the terminal phase. Reportedly, it has significant accuracy, with a CEP of 10 m.

The LORA is launched from a box-shaped, 4-cell launcher that can be mounted on a vehicle flatbed or a trailer. The launcher's motors are all-electric, with no hydraulics. The launcher rests in a carrying position at 0 degrees, and the missiles may be launched at angles from 60 to 90 degrees. The data shown here is for a LORA launcher mounted on a KamAZ-6350 8x8 heavy utility truck chassis (which is also used for the Lynx MBRL vehicle), which IMI used for demonstration purposes. The LORA has also been demonstrated to launch vertically from warships to attack distant land targets from the sea.


Weight: 1600 Kg
Length: 5.2 m
Diameter: 624 mm
Angle of Attack: 60° – 90°


Single stage, solid rocket motor
All solid-state electronics
All electric drives (no hydraulics)
The missile is sealed in its canister

Key Capabilities:

Range: 90 to 430 km
Accurate Hit, Wide Range of Targets: Tactical SSM, MLRS units, Air bases, Air and Missile defence units, Command posts, Military infrastructure
Maintenance: No missile preventive maintenance – wooden round
Fast Reaction: Minutes from command-to-target hit
Guidance: GPS/INS
Penetration: Penetrates fortified targets
Compact: Land - 4 sealed missiles on a regular 16 ton flat-bed truck; Maritime - Very small deck space needed