Xinjiang: This is the first time that the general public of China seems ready to take on the all-powerful regime of the Chinese Communist Party, the catalyst being all the atrocities they have faced under the Zero Covid policy and the overall miss management of China's Covid situation.

The people of China are openly speaking their minds in the form of protests which are now spread to many major cities against the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping himself. These protests are even bigger than the Tiananmen Square incident of 1989 and the slogans 'Communist Party step down' and 'Xi Jinping step down' are chanted for the first time in the country, Voices Against Autocracy reported.

These protests have now spread to other major cities like Guangzhou, Xinjiang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Dali, Lanzhou and Beijing that too with similar slogans against the CCP, Xi and the Zero Covid policy. The last time anything like this happened in china was during the May Fourth Movement in 1919 and the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989, as reported by Voices Against Autocracy.

Until now, the people were afraid of the repercussions that the CCP will make them go through on top of the unimaginable atrocities that they were already suffering. And because of this the protests that broke out were either suppressed or were not able to hold and grab attention. However, this is the first time in decades that they have gathered to present a united front against CCP, said the report.

After a fire broke out in the Jixiangyuan Community in Urumqi, Xinjiang China on November 24. People overall china university students are staging protests against the CCP and Jinping. In this fire, 10 people died and nine were injured including children. All this was because of the extreme restrictions under the Zero Covid policy of China's oppressive regime.

The building that was burning ceased using metal wires because of which the people could not escape and the firemen could not reach the compound. According to Voices Against Autocracy on November 26 people of Shanghai gathered on the Urumqi Middle Road to mourn the deaths of these people. At this moment the slogans against Xi and CCP stepping down were chanted by people, Voices Against Autocracy reported.

This shows that even the common public of china is not ready to accept the result of the 20th National congress where Jinping has converted himself into a full-fledged Dictator.

All the previous protests that previously broke out consisted of only migrated workers and relocated households for the hardships that they had faced. These protests were never before joined by the middle class of china. And this protest that has seeped into other provinces and major cities of china is not only being participated in but also being participated in by the middle class. As the general public of china has decided that enough is enough.

According to Voices Against Autocracy China, is now facing its biggest political crisis since 1989. Although the reasons for the 1989 protests and the recent protests is quite different. Previously the people were quite agitated with the status quo but now it is the sheer atrocities that the CCP and Xi its leader are making them go through. As with the absolute majority and power the CCP enjoys and the technological supremacy they possess they can suppress any movement that rises. But this time it reflects how agitated the common Chinese is by the policies in China.

The mission of 'Rejuvenation of China' is now seemingly getting destroyed after 10 years of power that Xi Jinping has enjoyed although there is no surety that this protest will also be suppressed. But it can be said for sure that this at least is going to be a big degradation to the image of China and Xi Jinping.