Ababeel is a Chinese sourced ballistic missile, Pak claims it as an MIRV System

In a surprising turn of events on 18 October 2023, Pakistan’s Ababeel missile test took an unexpected and disastrous path. The missile, launched from an undisclosed location, went astray and crashed in the Phelawagh area of DeraBugti, Baluchistan. Local witnesses reported seeing the missile’s debris falling from the sky, emitting smoke, and landing in nearby fields.

According to the ISPR, various designs, technical parameters and performance were observed during the trial and various sub-aspects of the weapon system were also tested.

According to reports, the test allegedly was an abject failure and the missile fell in Baluchistan. The missile was reportedly test-fired from a secret location, but lost its way and fell in the Phelawagh area of Dera Bugti, where its debris was reportedly discovered.

Debris of Missile Crashed In Baluchistan

Despite this mishap, Pakistan’s military propaganda wing, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), had initially claimed the test as a success. The statement emphasized the importance of reaffirming the missile system’s performance and technical specifications. It also asserted the system’s role in enhancing regional deterrence and strategic stability.

Notably, specific details about the missile system were conspicuously absent from the announcement. The launch of the Ababeel Weapon System was observed by General Sahir Shamshad Mirza, Chairman of the Pakistan Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC), along with other high-ranking officers and experts from strategic organizations.

This incident raises questions about the accuracy of official information provided by Pakistan’s military authorities. It serves as a stark contrast to their previous successful missile test in 2021 when Pakistan tested the domestically developed Fatah-1 Guided Multi-Launch Rocket System with a range of 140 kilometers.