Bangalore: Dynamatic Technologies Limited is proud to announce the successful completion of the First Delivery of the Airbus A220 Escape Hatch Door produced in Dynamatic's facilities to Airbus Atlantic. Escape Hatch Door is integrated into the Airbus Atlantic's A220 Nose Fuselage produced in Mirabel, Canada.

The completion of this milestone marks an important step in the development and manufacturing process of this critical component for the Airbus A220 aircraft. Dynamatic has worked closely with Airbus Atlantic to ensure that the escape hatch door meets the highest quality standards and adheres to the stringent safety requirements of the aviation industry.

The handover ceremony took place at Dynamatic's state-of-the-art facility in Bengaluru, India. The event was attended by senior executives from both Dynamatic and Airbus Atlantic. The ceremony symbolized the strong partnership between the two companies and their shared commitment to delivering excellence in aerospace manufacturing.

"We are delighted to have successfully completed the First delivery of the Airbus A220 Escape Hatch Door produced in our facility in Bengaluru and handed it over to Airbus Atlantic Representative. This achievement further demonstrates our commitment to delivering world-class aerospace solutions and our ability to meet the rigorous quality standards set by our esteemed customers," said Udayant Malhoutra, CEO & Managing Director of Dynamatic Technologies Limited.

Dynamatic Technologies Limited, designs and builds highly engineered products for Aerospace, Hydraulic, Metallurgy and Security applications at its state-of-the-art design, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe and India. Dynamatic is a demonstrated leader for the development of exacting Airframe Structures and Precision Aerospace Components and partners Agencies of National Importance as well as Global Aerospace Majors.