Despite the memes, many came out in support of desi Iron Man's innovation and lauded his perseverance

An Indian man’s attempt to make a fully-functional and realistic Iron Man suit has made him go viral all over the internet. While Iron Man himself may have been long gone with Avengers: Endgame, a video of the Desi man wearing a metallic, green suit seems to be keeping the spectre of Avengers alive.

In the video, the man can be seen weaning a make-shit Iron Man suit much like the one worn by Tony Stark in the hit Marvel franchise. Later in the video, the man describes his invention and goes on to talk about the various aspects and features of the suit. With the help of the suit, the man can fire weapons that are fixed on the hands, over the shoulders and stomach area.
As per the caption of the twitter post, the man has designed the ‘Iron Man’ suit to help soldiers fight terrorism.

The video really caused a stir on the internet with over a thousand retweets and also garnered several comments from users across the world.
However, not all were impressed. Many remarked on the suit's crude and simplistic design which lacks the sophisticated gadgetry of the Iron Man suit. Some also joked about the loose wires and the battery visibly exposed on the suit with one calling the man "Sasta Tony Stark" (Cheap Tony stark). Another user trolled with a meme of Tony Stark asking “am I a joke to you?”

Despite the memes, however, many came out in support of desi Iron Man's innovation and lauded his perseverance. Some this was one of the more indigenous examples of "Make in India". “Many people can be seen mocking him in replies. But, no one has even made or think of that before. Make him famous to get resources and keep his invention going further. We always start with a single step before achieving success," a user commented.