Donald Trump says Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a very great friend to him

Washington: US President Donald Trump on Friday said that America has a "very good" relationship with India and "lots of things" are happening between the two countries.

The US President said that he will visit India at "some point".

"We are dealing with India on lots of different things. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very great friend of mine. you saw me at Houston. We have a lost of things are happening with India," Donald Trump told reporters outside the White House when asked about the progress in his trade deal with India.

In September, while sharing a stage with Donald Trump in Houston, PM Modi had invited the US President and his family to visit India, saying it will give a new height to the shared dreams of the two countries.

New Delhi and Washington are engaged in talks to resolve the trade tensions between the two countries.

Tensions emerged in June after US President Donald Trump revoked preferential trade privileges, in response to which India imposed tariffs on 28 US products, including almonds and apples.

India had been the biggest beneficiary of the Generalised System of Preferences, a programme designed to help developing countries sell products to US consumers.