Russia has offered localisation of production of certain components for the export version of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jet in the countries interested in it, particularly India and United Arab Emirates, Chief Executive Officer of Russia’s state hi-tech corporation ROSTEC Sergei Chemezov told reporters on Monday.

“Su-57 – India, most probably Emirates. They have been considering and discussing it for a long time, though no decision has been delivered yet,” he said when asked a respective question. “Localisation (has been offered),” Chemezov said, adding that in each particular case it is necessary to estimate what this or that country is able to produce.

“It does not matter whether it is United Arab Emirates, India or Turkey, we will rely on what they can do. If the country has no such technological possibilities it simply means that it does not work,” he explained.

The Su-57 is a fifth-generation multi-role fighter designed to destroy all types of air targets at long and short distances and hit enemy ground and naval targets, overcoming its air defence capabilities. The Su-57 took to the skies for the first time on January 29, 2010. Compared to its predecessors, the Su-57 combines the functions of an attack plane and a fighter jet while the use of composite materials and innovation technologies and the fighter’s aerodynamic configuration ensure the low level of radar and infrared signature.