Beijing said all translated classic religious books should be 're-evaluated' The new editions must not contain any content that contradicts socialism Paragraphs deemed wrong by censors will be amended or re-translated Comes as China faces widespread criticism over its policy against Muslims

The news comes as China faces widespread criticism over its policy against Muslims. UN experts and activists have claimed that at least one million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims are held in the detention centres in Xinjiang in western China.

China which is already under scrutiny by the western governments and international human rights groups over its mass detention of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province, now has planned to rewrite Bible and the Quran, reports Daily Mail.

As per reports, Beijing plans to translate all classic religious books and new editions will not contain any content that contradicts socialism and paragraphs deemed wrong by censors will be amended or re-translated.

According to the communist party, it is important to reevaluate religious book and in this context they have appointed a group of 16 experts, believers and representatives of different religions from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China who attended the conference last month.

As President XI Jinping has total control over the communist party, this drive to make changes to religious books are carried out on Xi's instructions and interpret the ideologies of different religions in accordance with 'the core values of Socialism' and 'the requirements of the era'.

The officials have been asked to build 'a religious system with Chinese characteristics' and by’re-evaluating' religious books, they would be able to prevent 'extreme thoughts' and 'heretical ideas' from eroding the country.

At present it is estimated over 10 lakh Uyghur Muslims are being held in concentration camps which the Chinese call reeducation camps. There was a report that Uighur Muslim Women whose husbands are in Chinese detention/concentration camps are being forced to sleep with Chinese officials who are there to monitor them.

The Irony is, only the West criticises China when it comes to massive human rights violations but the Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan present ubiquitous silence on China and its treatment of Uyghur Muslims. In the Abu Dhabi declaration passed by OIC, the Islamic organisation said, “We commend the efforts of the People’s Republic of China in providing care to its Muslim citizens.”

It must be noted that, though the bible has seen changes over the years, the Quran has not been subjected to any subject to any change or emendation as per various sources.