Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov speaking at an event in Delhi

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has made a strong pitch for India's longstanding demand of becoming a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Speaking at an event in Delhi, Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday, "We believe India should be permanent member of UN Security Council."

"We are convinced that the overriding trend of the global development is the objective process of the formation of new centres of economic might, financial power and political influence and India is obviously one them," said Sergey Lavrov.


Asked on his idea of a greater Eurasia, Lavrov said, "It's not that we're against the philosophical terminology but it must be understandable. We used to say Asia-Pacific region, the reason - Indian Ocean condition."

"When people say we want to develop cooperation in Asian-Pacific in form of Indo-Pacific strategies, you immediately ask - Do you include African countries? Persian Gulf? No. Do you include all those who have been know as part of Asian-Pacific region? Yes," Lavrov said.

Speaking on China's dominance in the Asia region, Lavrov said, "Why do you need to call it Asian-Pacific? You know the answer, the answer is to contain China. It's not even hidden. The Indian friends are smart enough to understand this threat and not to get into it."

Lavrov also said that the concept of Indo-Pacific was initiated to contain China and its aim shouldn't be divisive.

The Indo-Pacific has been a major focus area of India's foreign policy in the last few years and the country is pushing for peace and stability of the region.