New Delhi: Pakistan’s Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations, Major General Asif Ghafoor, was on Saturday trolled by Twitterati after his faux pas of mixing up ‘genes’ and ‘jeans’ words in his tweet. After trolling, he removed the tweet and posted a rehashed tweet.

Ghafoor tweeted on his personal Twitter handle @peaceforchange: “Typical Indian hysteria. Pakistani youth is very well aware of their obligations towards motherland. Patriotism can’t be bought, it’s in jeans (sic). Build your own narrative but not by riding on the shoulders of ISPR.”

He tagged along a new clip from India headlined ‘ISPR recruits youths for propaganda war on India’. It got 4.4 K retweets and 13.5K likes.

A netizen posted a clip of a dog wearing shorts and the same coming off as the animal walks away. He remarked: “Patriotism can’t be bought, it’s in jeans” @peaceforchange.

“He don’t know the difference between genes and jeans and he wants #Kashmir.”

One user posted: “This is how you tweeted earlier…Why you deleted the tweet? Because of heavy trolling?”

A user commented: “Because uncle ka jeans utter gaya (because the uncle’s jeans came off).”

“Yes, PATRIOTISM can’t be bought, it’s in Jeans,” read one post.

“Look how your youths are struggling to remove that patriotic jeans pant,” read a tweet that had a clip of people trying to take off tight-fitting jeans.

Later, the Pakistan Army officer tweeted a corrected post.