After the current Central Government of India passed the Citizenship Amendment Act in Parliament, many families living in Pakistan have started coming to India through the Wagah border with all their belongings. The government has qualified only those who came to India before 31 December 2014 to give citizenship under the Citizenship Amendment Act. But despite this, about 200 Hindu families living in Pakistan have come to India on tourist visas through Wagah border so far.

According to the media report, after the passing of the new law, all the families living in Pakistan who have entered India through the Wagah border have been issued a tourist visa. However, the way these people have entered India with their luggage on foot, it is believed that all of them can apply for Indian citizenship. Tourist visas are still issued to those who visit here for a fixed period to meet their relatives or other people in India.

It is too early to say that these people have come to settle in India, but it is likely that they can stay in India even before their visa period and apply for citizenship. Sources say that it cannot be said now whether these people are true tourists or not, but it is definitely not common for so many families to come here. Generally, people coming on tourist visa enter India with a suitcase or a bag. However, the way these families from Pakistan have entered India with their heavy baggage, it is believed that they have not come to India on just a few days' journeys.