India’s Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE) has inked a MoU With Portugal’s BERD for building next generation modular Bridges solutions in India. GRSE, one of the largest DPSUs of India which makes complex naval vessels for the Indian Navy has tied up with world's leading engineering entity, BERD for the Methods and Solutions for Bridge Construction.

On the 3rd Day of DefExpo-2020, a flagship biennial event of the Ministry of Defence, India’s Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. (GRSE) and BERD, S.A. (BERD), a Portuguese company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), in a ceremony presided by the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at DefExpo 2020 in Lucknow, India.

This MoU relates to the Cooperation between the two companies in the field of Modular Bridges for Military and Civil use. Both Companies aim at expanding their business not only in India but also globally, with a special emphasis on Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar among others, by means of offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

GRSE derives a significant share of its revenues from its shipbuilding division with warship building capabilities, being also engaged in engine production and other engineering activities. The engineering division manufactures Deck Machinery items, Prefabricated Portable Steel Bridges and Marine Pumps.

GRSE’s Chairman & Managing Director, Rear Adm Vipin Kumar Saxena elaborated on the partnership with BERD remarked: “As you know that GRSE is also in the Bailey Bridge manufacturing, which we supply to Indian Army, BRO, State Governments and also export to neighbouring countries- Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar among others. BERD has got an advance design team for manufacturing light weight, long length and long- life kind of bridges. We will be working out a suitable collaboration with them and in coming year, we will develop new type of Portable Steel Bridges.” 

Talking about the collaboration, BERD’s Vice-President, Diogo Graça Moura expressed great expectation about this partnership with GRSE. Building on such next generation technological collaboration in the Modular Bridges, he remarked: "Our partnership with GRSE will unlock new dimensions in the area of Modular Bridges with our cutting edge design team with global expertise and solutions that we strive to bring to India and give a push to ‘Make in India’ Initiative of Govt. of India."

BERD is among the top 3 leaders in the Methods and Solutions for Bridge Construction based on the unique Organic Prestressing System (OPS) that stiffens the machines to build bridges. Born in 2006, as a spin-off of the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University, BERD has participated in the construction of several bridges worldwide.

In the world of complex warships, in 2017, GRSE has built and delivered warships INS Kiltan, an Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvette with superstructure made entirely of composite material. on the future delivery of warships, GRSE is gearing up to deliver a mega project- Stealth Missile Frigate Rear Admiral V K Saxena on the sidelines of DefExpo 2020, told to BW that in terms of value, it is Rs 19256 crore and is a very advanced, modern warfare ship from Indian Navy. "It has got very advanced weapon sensors, electronic equipment and stealth features. It is going to be the best and most complex project which we have handled so far in GRSE. It is supposed to be delivered by 2023", he said.

Indian Defence entities have been looking at the international market based on the inherent strength and expertise. According to the ministry of Defence, in 2014, India's defence export was under Rs 2000 crore which has crossed Rs 11000 crore last year. Such international collaborations is also expected to address the capability gaps. In the 'make in India' endeavour, BERD's Diogo Moura pointed out that the there is great expectation out of such cooperation as GRSE is the market leader recognised for its quality and manufacturing capacity and BERD is known as the high quality engineering company spread worldwide.