Lockdown has been caused by coronavirus outbreaks worldwide. In many countries including India, China, Beijing, Los Angeles, the earth is breathing freely and pollution has come down considerably.

The snowy peaks of Devbhoomi Himachal located more than 200 km from here were visible from various places in Doaba, Punjab

On March 20, the amount of nitrogen can be seen very high. However, an unexpected decrease in nitrogen content can be observed during the lockdown on 30 March.

On March 22, the Air Quality Index was above 100, but on March 28 it dropped threefold to 32. Also 33 on 3 April. At the same time, the quality of air in March 2019 is 6 times more than these days.

But environmental science and policy experts have said that this reduction in pollution is not sustainable and that the level of pollution will reach there again as soon as the lockdown opens.