Amid increasing tension between India and Pakistan despite the Chinese Virus threat, prominent Pakistani journalist Moeed Pirzada tweeted a video of a Pakistani Navy ship had intercepted and rammed into an Indian Navy ship in the Arabian Sea. The video has got over 50,000 views on twitter a report said.

This however an actual video but a fake misrepresentation of facts as the event mentioned in the tweet actually occurred way back in 2011 and not in the recent past. It is also evident from the video that it was shot from an Indian Navy ship and not vice-versa. The IN ship in question is the INS Godavari a guided-missile frigate which was the first indigenous warship made in India.

The Pakistani ship is the culprit here as seen in the video above. It is evident the enemy's ship had approached close to INS Godavari dangerously. The Pakistani ship was the PNS Babur (not PNS Babar as mentioned in the report) a general purpose frigate which was purchased from the UK formerly designated as HMS Amazon which has since been decommissioned by the Pakistani navy.

A huge diplomatic row broke out between India and Pakistan after the 2011 incident, which took place after both the ships were sent to the Gulf of Aden region in the wake of increased piracy in the Arabian sea.

Pakistani journalist Moeed Pirzada also seen in file photo with Indian journalist Bharka Dutt

Keen Indian viewers who follow Pakistani visual media on YouTube would know that Moeed Pirzada as one of the few moderate voices in the often belligerent and vituperative Pak media ecospace. Mind you, Pirzada is utterly anti-India, but his diatribe unlike others of his ilk is not laced with the customary zealous Islamic vitriolic and the wholesome waspish hatred towards India.

I guess it has not occurred to Pirzada that if this incident had occurred now, it would have been a sorry state of affairs for the Pakistani navy vessel. The earlier namby-pamby behaviour of our armed forces is a thing of the past, contrarily, it is now the time and age of immediate, effective and devastating payback action.

I hope the Pakistani armed forces and to a lesser degree Pirzada are fully aware of this adversity.

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