New Delhi: Former Army Chief JJ Singh on Thursday spoke to India TV during its special #CommandersConference on India-China tension at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and said that both the countries constitute 1/3 of world population, therefore, if India-China goes to war then it won't be a war between just two countries but will be a world war.

Ex-Army Chief JJ Singh added said India is a responsible nation and believes that the current stand-off with Beijing won't result in a war. He added the world knows India is a democratic and responsible nation, therefore, it will take our (India's) side rather than subsiding with China.

Also, speaking in the conference, former Chief of Army Staff Gen Ved Prakash Malik (Retd) said that the Indian Army is capable of giving a befitting reply to the Chinese counterparts if it comes to that, while also reiterating that it is unlikely that this situation will escalate towards all-out war.

Gen VP Malik said that India's Army is modernised and China should not hold any illusions of it being in the same state of battle readiness as in 1962. 

"India is in a position to give befitting reply to China. The PLA should not hold any illusions about Indian Army's battle readiness. We are not the army from 1962. I am fully confident of our defence capabilities," the general said. 

He further added, "I do not think there will be an all out war. We must be prepared for skirmishes in certain areas but the chances of war are highly unlikely."