Pakistani netizens jumped on Turkey's bandwagon trending 'Boycott UAE' on Twitter after a Turkey-based account highlighted India's close relations with the UAE

Pakistani netizens on Wednesday eagerly and somewhat thanklessly jumped on the Turkey bandwagon trending 'Boycott UAE' on Twitter after a Turkey-based account asked Pakistani's to trend the hashtag highlighting the strengthening relationship between India and the UAE.

Raising objections against PM Modi being given its highest civilian award and the UAE sending medical supplies to India amid the pandemic, the Turkish account stated that UAE was biased towards India and was silent on multiple issues like Kashmir, an issue on which Turkey 'stood-by' Pakistan.

Furious Debate Begins Online

Reactions to the trend were myriad, with many netizens highlighting Pakistan's outstanding debts to the UAE and how it has been, along with China, among the main avenues for Pakistan to seek bailouts. 

Boycott UAE was started by the Turkish account in response to UAE's growing support to Khalifa Hafter, after they criticised Turkey’s actions in the Eastern Mediterranean, extending support for Libya’s legitimate government along with countries like Israel and Russia. Pakistani netizens, on the other hand, jumped on the bandwagon agreeing that Pakistan should impose sanctions against UAE when UAE's relations with India were highlighted. It is imperative however to understand, that Pakistan has been a heavy borrower of the UAE, and owes the country $30 billion dollars.