Amid the heightened aggression of China in the disputed waters, the Indian Navy & the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force conducted a joint training operation

Amid the heightened aggression of China and it attempts at grabbing territories on all fronts, the Indian Navy and the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force conducted a joint training operation to expand mutual understanding between the two naval forces. The Ambassador of Japan to India Satoshi Suzuki confirmed this joint operation that was carried out between the two counties on June 27.
Japan's Maritime Force was led by JMSDF Training Squadron and the Indian Navy was represented by INS Rana and INS Kulish. The exercise promoted mutual understanding as well as goodwill between the navy of the two countries, tweeted the Ambassador of Japan to India. 

Dispute In South China Sea

This joint operation between India and Japan comes in the backdrop of China's relentless attempts to test its neighbours on all fronts. On June 16, India saw a violent standoff along the LAC in the Galwan valley which caused heavy casualties on both sides. Similarly, China is also looking to seize areas of Japan and Taiwan. 

Japan has already deployed its missiles towards its border facing China and has also increased the strength of its army, according to a report in Asia News. It said that in view of China’s war intentions, Japan is increasing its air defence.

Meanwhile, the United States has asked China to stop its ‘bullying behaviour’ in the disputed waters. The US and Australian warships have reportedly also conducted joint exercises in the South China Sea close to the West Capella in recent weeks.

On Saturday the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) gave a statement that the South China Sea dispute should be resolved in line with the international law, stressing on "the importance of non-militarisation and self-restraint."