An online poll has revealed that most Indians prefer US President Donald Trump over Chinese President Xi Jinping. The poll was conducted across 13 languages and involved all Network18 digital and social news platforms.

The poll included online platforms of News18, Moneycontrol, Firstpost and CNBC-TV18 and concluded that 91 percent of the respondents were in favour of a boycott of Chinese products.

The boycott sentiment is the strongest among Marathis (97 percent).

At least, 72 percent of the respondents said they will not buy anything Chinese if they can; 23 percent are willing to cut down on purchases of Chinese goods. Only 4 percent say they would still want to buy Chinese products.

The poll, with 21 questions, received 31,000 responses in total and was carried out for four days.

Among Indian communities, Xi's ratings are higher than average among Malayalis and Urdu speakers. On the other hand, Marathi and Odia respondents liked Trump the most and Xi the least (98 percent versus 2 percent).

Close to 94 percent of the Indians believe China has been dishonest in its handling of the Coronavirus crisis.

In case of China's conflict with another world power, 74 percent respondents want India to side against Beijing but 51 percent of those from Tamil Nadu and 52 percent from Punjab want India to stay neutral in such a conflict.

88 percent of the respondents do not want Chinese companies to build 5G infrastructure in India; 87 percent of Indians do not want more Chinese investment in the country.

However, Indians largely remain undecided upon reconsidering India's friendly approach towards China -- 53 percent are in favour while 47 percent opted for a no.

Additionally, Indians across all languages uniformly believe that China is a strong supporter of Pakistan. 80 percent of Indians see China as an unfriendly or very unfriendly nation. Only 3 percent believe China is friendly.

70 percent Indians fear that a military conflict between Indian and China might take place. However, 56 percent Malayalis do not agree.

61 percent of respondents see China's actions as that of an enemy state. Exceptions are Gujaratis, Tamilians and Malayalis, who believe China is merely posturing. In all, 84 percent of the respondents don't have a favourable view of China.