According to reports, the two officials of Pakistan High Commission - Abid Hussain and Mohammad Tahir, would offer expensive gifts such as iPhone for information. The two were being driven around New Delhi by a Pakistani agent. They were caught with two iPhones and Rs 15,000 in cash. The duo has been asked to leave India within 24 hours

New Delhi: The two Pakistan High Commission officials, who were caught spying on Sunday after an operation by Military Intelligence (MI) would visit Indian defence personnel as "businessmen" to secure information for "news reporters", it is learnt. The two officials - Abid Hussain and Mohammad Tahir have been declared persona non grata by India and have been expelled from the country.

According to agency reports citing sources, one of the officials, Hussain, worked as an assistant in the Department of Trade in Pakistan High Commission, is an ISI spy and hails from Pakistan's Punjab.

The other official, Tahir, is from Islamabad and was working as an upper-division clerk in Pakistan High Commission. 

According to an IANS report, Hussain, 42, would meet Indian defence officials posing as a businessman from Amritsar. Tahir, 44, would accompany him to the meetings and seek information about news reporters. 

According to the agency report, the two would pay Rs 25,000 for information and even offer expensive gifts such as iPhones. Money was also paid through mobile wallets such as PayTM, the report cited. 

The two have been in India for the last two years and were being driven around by one Javed Akhtar, a resident of Mianwali in Pakistan's Punjab. Akhtar has also been arrested.