A Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver

Webley & Scott, one of the oldest arms manufacturers in the world, will be setting up a manufacturing unit in Hardoi of Uttar Pradesh to produce firearms of world class quality. The company is famous for having provided firearms to several countries during World War II.

According to a report in The Times of India, Webley & Scott will become the first global firearms company to start manufacturing in India. The British firearm giant has tied up with Sial Manufacturers, a Lucknow-based company, to set up operations in Uttar Pradesh.

The arms manufacturing unit will begin operations in November.

The company’s Hardoi unit will begin operations with the production of .32 revolver and eventually start production of rifles and shotguns as well.

The report has quoted the UK-based owners of Webley & Scott as saying that the British company chose to set up manufacturing productions in India and particularly Uttar Pradesh because of the vast market here.

The company had obtained license to manufacture firearms in 2019 after entering a joint venture with Sial. A team of experts from England had visited India to study and setup a facility in Sandilla.

Sial Manufacturers, on the other hand, has credited the investment by Webley & Scott to the Make in India initiative of the Centre.