Donald Trump Jr tweeted a world map and predicted that much of the world is voting for his dad while the election is being held in the US

As the US elections are underway, Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday tweeted the image of a world map with most countries shaded in red, the Republican party's colour, to indicate that President Trump is headed for a victory. However, the map left out some countries like India, China, Liberia and Mexico in blue, indicating that they will be supporting the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

US states California and Maryland with a sizeable Indian population are also shown blue in the map.

Donald Trump Jr tweeted: "Okay finally got around to making my electoral map prediction."

Okay, finally got around to making my electoral map prediction. #2020Election #VOTE— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) November 3, 2020

In India, the conflict-hit north-eastern states and Jammu and Kashmir along with Ladakh -- the two union territories carved out of the erstwhile state are shown in red.

Omar Abdullah, the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir reacted to the tweet.

So much for the friendship with Trump Senior. Junior has placed India firmly with @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris though interestingly Jr. believes J&K & the NorthEast go against the rest of India & will vote Trump. Someone needs to take his colouring pencils away.— Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) November 3, 2020

Abdullah’s sarcasm hinted at India-US relations and the camaraderie often between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Trump often on display.

During the recent 2+2 ministerial dialogue between India and US that has defence and foreign ministers from both sides, US lashed out at China’s aggressive posturing against at the Line of Actual Control referring to the standoff in Ladakh. US secretary of state Michael Pompeo said in an address to the media, "Chinese Communist Party is no friend to democracy. The United States will stand with the people of India as they face threats to their sovereignty and liberty". The statement came in the backdrop of the military tussle between India and China in Ladakh.

Shashi Tharoor, Congress party leader and member of parliament, also a former undersecretary-general of United Nations reacted to the tweet, taking a jibe at the Indian Prime Minister.

The price of Namo’s bromance: Kashmir & the NorthEast cut off from the rest of India, &the whole “filthy" place relegated by Don Jr to the realm of hostiles, along with China&Mexico. So much for the crores spent on obsequious serenading stadium events!— Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) November 3, 2020

Tharoor was referring to Donald Trump's statement where he described India's air as 'filthy'.

Meanwhile, former Pakistani High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit, found the map “encouraging”. He tweeted: "Good. Jammu and Kashmir is shown as part of Pakistan. Very encouraging."

Good. Jammu and Kashmir is shown as part of Pakistan. Very encouraging.