New Delhi: There has been a hold up of supplies of raw materials needed by the COVID-19 vaccine makers as a result owing to Washington's decision to prioritise local buyers.

The war time law was invoked by US President, Joe Biden to boost the production of vaccines. Indian officials are in touch with their counterparts in the US to resolve the issue.

Due to this law, supplies of nearly 30 such items have been affected by this wartime law which is known as the Defence Priorities and Allocations System Programme under the Defence Production Act.

Due to this raw materials such as reagents, tubing materials, nano-filters, plastic bagging material and equipment have been held. Moreover, Serum Institute of India, which makes the Covishield vaccine is in dire need of these raw materials to ramp up production.

On Monday, External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar discussed the matter with US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. A HT report said that the US officials had assured India that the matter would be given due consideration and would work with New Delhi to find appropriate solutions.

While the raw materials are not subject to any explicit ban, American sellers of these items are obligated to meet contractual requirement from the US buyers before anyone else.