New Delhi: India will soon achieve the target of Rs 3,500 crore exports in the aerospace and defence sector, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday.

Singh was speaking on "Delivering Democracy; Two Decades of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Head of Government", organised by the Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini at India International Centre.

"In politics of independent India, Narendra Modi has done great work. He accepted this crisis of credibility as a challenge and overcame it. You might have felt that in independent India, the biggest challenge before politics and politicians has been a crisis of credibility. Due to the difference between words and deeds of politicians, people's trust in them lessened gradually," he said.

"We were the biggest importer in the world in terms of Defence equipment. We are now among the top 25 exporters of the world. We will soon achieve the target of Rs 3500 crore export. It all happened because of PM Narendra Modi directions," he added.

"Challenges do come in life and PM Modi life is full of challenges but he never bowed down but he fought and won. He is a case study of effective leadership and effective governance. I request people in the field of the management school. The life and work done by PM Narendra Modi should be taught as a case study," said Singh.

The revolution in urban planning and road infrastructure that was laid by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee was slowed down during the previous government but PM Modi has set a new definition of urban planning and road infrastructure.

"I request people to do an unbiased analysis of PM Modi and he has only agenda of National building and Lok Kalyan. No one can question the intention and integrity of PM Modi. He is 24 cart gold and in his long political career of 20 years no one can point a finger on him over corruption allegations," he added.

PM Modi knows how to maintain coordination between individual rights and national interest, he said.

"After people were angry over corruption by the previous government and wanted a credible alternative. They have only option that is BJP. Except for BJP and left people all political parties are family Enterprises," he added.

Singh said BJP is the only political party with ideology.

"Decision making the power of PM Modi is unimaginable. BJP were always clear with its agenda to abolish Article 370. PM Modi did that in no time. Except for a few small incidents, the situation is normal in Kashmir. He has redefined and redesigned the fight against terrorism," he said.

"PM Modi is clear terrorism and talk can't be done simultaneously. We never discuss cricket matches. Action will be done either inside the border or across the border as per the requirements. We did surgical strikes and airstrikes. PM Modi deliver want he promised," the Minister added.

BJP leader further said there is a major paradigm shift in Internal security or border security because of PM Modi's decision making powers.

Singh assured that no one will die due to the oxygen crisis because the country has developed sufficient Oxygen plant capabilities.