Dubai: The people of Kashmir are living in the shadow of the Pakistani terror state since the "treacherous and murderous assault" on Kashmiris by Pakistani militia in 1947, a UAE based media organisation said.

In a report on Monday, Al Arabiya Post asserted that Pakistan's assault on Kashmiris on that "infamous" day of October 22, 1947, needs to be observed with solemnity. In 1947, Pakistan militia laid waste several towns and cities, raped countless women and took them as slaves and killed over 35,000 Kashmiris including Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

On October 22, 1947, Pakistani invaders illegally entered Jammu and Kashmir and plundered and committed atrocities.

India observes October 22 as the 'Black Day' to protest against Pakistan's role in instigating violence and terror in the valley.

The raiders looted and pillaged the state with a ferocity that shocked the people till the Indian army came to the rescue and decisively threw them back.

"At a time when India began its extraordinary journey for its 'tryst with destiny, Pakistan chose to take the path of violence and terror, a characteristic which has come to define the country and its people," the report said.

Thousands of men, women and children were killed while the raiders carried out a siege of the then bustling town of Baramulla.

The Al Arabiya said it was a pre-meditated plan hatched by the Pakistan Army, in connivance with the civilian leadership, for carrying out the genocide of the Kashmiri people.

The attack plan was codenamed "Operation Gulmarg" and signed by the Chief of Staff, Pakistan Army. Pashtun men from tribal areas were picked up, trained and armed to carry out mass murder, rape, loot and arson. Under the guidance and protection of the army, the raiders were pushed into Kashmir valley where they launched an orgy of violence and terror on unarmed people of Kashmir.

"According to eyewitnesses, the armed tribal militia were trucked to Kashmir, first to Muzaffarabad where they plundered the state armoury, set markets on fire and indulged in looting. They shot everyone who couldn't recite Kalma," the report said.

"They chased women and raped them; they took many of them as slaves while others killed themselves by jumping into the river," it added.