Kandahar: Afghanistan's Kandhar province has exported 50,000 tons of fruits including 15,000 tons of fig this year to India and Pakistan, a quarter of what it used to export earlier, according to the Deputy for the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Kandahar.

Afghanistan exports more than 200,000 tons of fruits to India and Pakistan annually, according to the private news agency Wadsam, reported Xinhua.

Since the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in mid-August and the formation of the Taliban-led caretaker government on September 7, the country has faced economic problems.

Moreover, the imposition of restrictions on banks in Afghanistan, the activities of businessmen and traders has been negatively affected, Baqi Bana said.

The southern Kandahar province and the neighbouring Zabul are famous for producing pomegranate and fig. The farmers there, according to the media outlet, have been asking the government to find markets for the products, reported Xinhua.