A demonstration model of Russia's new single-engined stealth fighter the "Checkmate"

MOSCOW – India is looking to expand the acquisition of the S-400 air defence complexes. It also plans to manufacture locally the latest AK-203 submachine guns, the Russians also want to sell their “Octopus-SDM1” [2S25 Sprut-SD] light tanks, the Ka-226 light utility helicopters and even the Checkmate stealth fighters, reported the Russian publication Vzglyad.

President Vladimir Putin is currently visiting India, the Kremlin’s first trip abroad since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The real purpose of Putin’s visit to India is an attempt to “warm-up” military-technical cooperation between the two countries, the Kremlin hopes to sell more than $ 14 billion in weapons to the Indian military by 2031.

Russian journalists note that more than a month ago, Russia began supplying India with S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. Also a day ago, India and Russia signed an agreement worth $ 677 million to co-produce 500,000 of Russia’s latest AK-203 submachine guns.

At the same time, Russian media write that at the moment the portfolio of India’s orders for Russian weapons seems to have already exceeded the limit of 14 billion dollars.

However, Kremlin is concerned that India does not appear to be buying enough weapons from Russia’s defence industry, so supplies need to be expanded.

In particular, the Kremlin wants to sell light Ka-226 helicopters to India. In theory, the Ka-226 could be an aid to India in the event of military action in the high mountain ranges.

The Kremlin also wants to sell its Light Octopus-WYD1 tanks to India. There are no armoured vehicles in India that are adaptable for fighting in the Ladakh region. Theoretically, the Russian “Octopus-SDM1” can fulfil this role.

Lastly, the Russians also want to sell their Checkmate single-engine stealth fighter to India, which now exists only in the form of a demo model.