Countering the threat caused by disruptive drones is now an issue of concern for everyone as hostile countries and non-state actors will try to use drones for surveillance of vital installations and for targeting military assets. Even non-state actors are adept at use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for malicious purpose such as for terrorism, violent extremism, espionage, sabotage, propaganda and smuggling of arms, ammunition, drugs, fake currency and other disruptive material.. Keeping in view of the futuristic requirements of armed forces, EEL is developing a Micro-missile based Counter-Drone System (CDS) with both soft kill and hard kill capability.

The proposed system under development contains a large number of 2 kg micro-missiles which can effectively engage hostile drones up to a range of 2 km. Designed for rapid operational deployment on a highly mobile system, a micro-missile cassette/pod containing 24 / 36 / 48 missiles achieve a heavy and sustained volume of fire and can be seamlessly integrated with a Radar and a Jammer on a 4×4, 2.5 Ton Vehicle or any other vehicle as deemed appropriate like an All Terrain Vehicle. The Radar based detection system will have a detection range of 4-5 km, which would be subsequently ‘classified’ using an Electro-Optics System at a distance of 2 km. Our Indigenous CDS solution will also be having a Soft Kill capability to jam Satellite based Navigation Systems and RF Communication Systems of hostile drones supplementing a micro-missiles based Hard Kill system. This is to also ensure that the kinetic kill option may not always be the preferred option in a sensitive area apprehending collateral damage or for fear of fratricide. Use of high speed Killer Drone as an economical hard kill option is also under development which will be additional to Micro-missile.

A micro-missile based Hard Kill system will have multiple advantages in comparison to a singular laser based system in terms of system portability, capability to handle swarms of drones (simultaneous multiple targeting), larger standoff neutralisation of hostile drones, and ruggedness to survive harsh battlefield realities and environment. Another variant of this system under development will be a shoulder launched missile of weight 1 kg that can be fired by a Jawan to inflict a hard kill up to 600 m range. This will be a good tactical solution along our LC, LAC,IB, coastline or even hinterland.