Kabul: Nadima Noor, an Afghan-Canadian who runs a small humanitarian organisation, was arrested and has been held captive by the Taliban since mid-February.

Armed Taliban forces stormed into Noor's office and arrested her from her office, The Frontier Post newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Nadima's brother, Dastaan Noor who lives in Ottawa keep himself updated about his sister's condition through her colleague who was also arrested along with Nadima. "They started brandishing weapons and said, 'You have to come with us'," he was quoted as saying by the Global News.

Nadima's Afghan colleagues were released earlier, but both her and a British colleague remain in captivity, likely due to their status as foreigners.

"This doesn't look good on the government that they picked up a woman, who wanted to stay and make things better. They picked her up with guns and forced her into the car," Dastaan said.

A senior Taliban intelligence official said that he did not know what Noor is charged with, but most Westerners are arrested on suspicion of espionage, human trafficking or lack of proper documentation.

Dastaan said that Nadima received a letter from one of the ministers which allowed her to freely move around the country without any problems.

While many Afghans sought to flee from the country after the Taliban took complete control over Afghanistan, Dastaan said Nadima wanted to stay and fight for women's rights in the country. He also said that Nadima is very tough, rebellious, cares for her people and wants to bring a sense of normalcy into Afghanistan by positive energy and love.

Taliban officials initially assured that Noor will be released within days but citing the investigation, officials held her captive for about a month.

Till now, two journalists working for the United Nations are the only foreigners who have been released so far.

The Afghan government collapsed on August 15 when then-president Ashraf Ghani fled to Afghanistan, leading to the Taliban taking over the country.

Since the Taliban came into power, they have cracked down on foreigners and women, at times forcing them to quit their jobs and depriving them of education.