New Delhi: The Pakistani disinformation machinery has gone into overdrive with thousands of provocative tweets under various hashtags. The tweets, mostly from Pakistan and Afghanistan, aim at disturbing the peace and tranquillity of India.

Under the disinformation campaign, fake information is being posted on Twitter handles like @Babar_7860; @FMQureshipk; @ihtk1; @raufburrio; @ideowarrior; @zahrakhanpak911; @Abebeellan; @akhirhashmi159 and @rakibpatrkar to sow the seeds of hatred.

One such Twitter handle is that of Babar Malik (@Babar_7860) a Pakistani, who claims to be a journalist.

There is another Pakistani Twitter handle @fmqureshipk which has also been spewing venom against India.

Another account spreading similar lies is @ihtjk1.

All these posts are focused on provoking, disturbing the harmony of India.

Pakistan whose own house is on fire is leading the vicious campaign against India to deflect any questioning of mis governance by its citizens.

Moreover, Pakistan, which has never shied away from denouncing other nations for atrocities against Muslims, has conveniently ignored the issue of violation of Uyghur human rights in Xinjiang.

It champions the cause of Muslims in India but has a dismal record of its own minorities in the country.

In Pakistan, minorities like Hindus, Christians, Ahmaddiyas, and Shias are frequently harassed and persecuted. The country has witnessed an unprecedented rise in attacks and arrests against the Shia minority, who make up between 15 per cent and 20 per cent of the Sunni-majority nation.

The United Kingdom's All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Pakistani minorities has severely criticized the role of Islamabad in a steadily deteriorating human rights situation of minorities in the country.

A 67-page report, which called the human rights situation in Pakistan a national and international tragedy, highlighted all forms of atrocities that the minorities of Pakistan were being subjected to on an everyday basis.

It said that even after over seventy years of independence, abductions of minority girls, their forced conversions and subsequent marriages were a widespread phenomenon in Pakistan.

Also, there are numerous cases of the state brazenly defending those who have been involved in heinous crimes against minorities and going after the victims. And it is because of such a state of affairs in Pakistan that a number of experts around the world have said that Pakistan is the most unsafe country for women as well as minorities under the sun.

According to Human Rights Watch, "Minorities continue to face violence, discrimination, and persecution, with authorities often failing to provide adequate protection or hold perpetrators to account". The authorities routinely use draconian counterterrorism and sedition laws to intimidate peaceful critics, reported Daily Times.