Istanbul: Pakistan's quest to strengthen bilateral ties with Ankara has been shattered as the Turkish authorities have found the involvement of illegal migrants from the country in acts of kidnapping, gang wars and other crimes.

There has been a significant increase in illegal immigrants from Pakistan in the last four years followed by a heavy influx of refugees coming from Syria and Afghanistan that has created large-scale unrest in Turkey, Geopolitical Info reported, citing Turkish authorities.

This comes after Turkey traditionally welcomed migrants from countries as diverse as Syria and Xinjiang in China. However, illegal migrants from Pakistan looked at Turkey as a gateway to Europe in search for a better life.

Intelligence reports claim that illegal Pakistan immigrants have also been found indulging in gang wars and other crimes, including human and narco-trafficking and ransom kidnapping of tourists visiting Turkey.

Currently, there are between 3,000 and 6,000 illegal Pakistani nationals in detention in Turkey, reported Geopolitical Info.

Turkish economy gets a boost by tourism, however, due to an incessant increase in crimes and kidnapping against tourists by Pakistani immigrants/refugees has become a major challenge for the country in recent times.

The most recent incident was when a Pakistani group abducted the Nepalis at gunpoint while they were wandering in Taksim Square, one of the significant landmarks of the metropolis in Istanbul, Geopolitical Info reported, citing local media.

Luckily, swift police action made it possible to free the 4 Nepalis and, at the same time, arrest the six Pakistanis who had committed the crime and asked for a ransom of 10.000 euros, the media outlet added.

Turkish governments have repeatedly appealed to Islamabad to put in place measures to curb the illegal inflow of Pakistan's illegal migrant population but Pakistan has failed miserably to tackle the rising influx of refugees to Turkey by illegal means.

The Turkish government tightened its visa policy for Pakistanis posts the incident involving the kidnapping of Nepali citizens, followed by putting a block on issuing of temporary residence permits for Pakistanis.

Turkey and Pakistan have traditionally enjoyed a good relationship based on religious fraternity earlier as there was a distinct upswing in this relationship under the leadership of erstwhile Pakistan PM Imran Khan, who was desirous of being seen as a puritan Islamist and a strong leader.

However, Turkey is realised that this is taking place at the cost of its citizens considering the fact that Pakistan is equally notorious for its double face as Imran Khan for his U-turns in the country.

According to Turkish authorities, there has been a significant increase in illegal immigrants from Pakistan entering Turkey over the last four years. The exact number of Pakistani illegal immigrants spread all over Turkey is not known and keeps changing.