New Delhi: Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett may visit India later this year but the final dates are yet to be decided, said Ambassador Eynat Shlein, head of MASHAV, Israel's international development Center.

"Prime Minister Bennett is very interested and keen on visiting India. Hopefully, if everything goes well, he would probably be here sometime this summer. We can't set the date as some of the political issues are keeping him close to Jerusalem. However, he feels strongly about the relationship between Israel and India and I know that he looks forward to travelling here," Ambassador Eynat Shlein told to ANI.

She also stressed that Israeli PM has great admiration for India, and he also sees the huge importance of the strategic alliances between the two countries.

Earlier, the Israeli Prime Minister was scheduled to visit India in April but it was postponed after being tested positive for Covid-19.

US President Joe Biden will host a virtual summit of the I2-U2 grouping with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Israel PM and UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan during his visit to West Asia from July 13 to 16.

Earlier, the Israeli envoy also spoke about the I2-U2 grouping and said that it is an important initiative and reflects new dynamics in the Middle East and the world.

"I believe that this is a very important initiative. I think it reflects the new dynamics in the Middle East and the world, the creation of new alliances and the creative thinking of how can countries come together to tackle global problems such for example food security," Eynat Shlein told ANI.

She also mentioned that these four countries can come together to offer solutions to the growing issues. Shlein also believes that I2-U2 countries with their qualities can bring a change.

"Israel has been a good and a close ally of the US for many years. India is a strong strategic partner of Israel. And the UAE, since the signing of the historical Abrahamic accord is becoming a very strong partner and ally of Israel. These four partners together can bring in their unique qualities to create change, a very needed change," she said.