Paris: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Sunday interacted with the Indian diaspora in Paris and welcomed their significant contribution to India's growth journey.

Addressing the members of the Indian diaspora there, Speaker Birla wrote, "Happy to see that they are connected to the civilizational ethos of India and at the same time, contributing to the progress and prosperity of France. Welcomed their enthusiasm to be part of India's journey of development."

Prior to this, Birla was on a productive visit to Mexico. Upon departing, he thanked and appreciated the Mexican Parliament and government for their commitment to strengthening ties with India. Birla expressed hope that the visit would set the tone for closer ties between the two countries.

On Saturday, Om Birla unveiled a Swami Vivekananda statue in Mexico and said his teachings to humanity transcend geographical barriers and time. "Honoured to unveil a Statue of Swami Vivekananda in Mexico. This is the first statue of Swami Ji in Latin America. The statue will be a source of inspiration for people, especially for the youth of the region, to strive and bring the change which will take their country to a new prime," Om Birla tweeted.

Earlier, Speaker Birla also unveiled a bust of freedom fighter Dr Pandurang Khankhoje at Chapingo University in Mexico and visited Chapingo University, the oldest agricultural university in Latin America.

Birla called on the President of the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico Santiago Creel. The two leaders discussed several matters of mutual importance. He observed that India and Mexico have historically close relations and Mexico was the first country to recognize India as an independent country in 1947.

Recalling that the discovery of Mexico to the modern world was the result of an expedition that was initiated to explore India, Birla noted that the relations between the two countries, in terms of trade, economy and culture, have grown from strength to strength.

Both the countries are also sharing best practices for strengthening parliamentary democracy in the world, Birla noted. Lok Sabha Speaker had inaugurated the India-Mexico friendship garden in Mexican Parliament Complex.

He hoped that the India-Mexico Friendship Park, which symbolizes the vibrancy of relations between the two countries, would spread the energy and fragrance of democracy to the whole world.

Birla also thanked and appreciated to Mexican Parliament and Government for their commitment to strengthening ties with India. "As I depart after a highly productive visit to Mexico, I place on record my thanks and appreciation to Mexican Parliament & Govt. for their commitment to strengthen ties with India. Hopeful that this visit will set the tone for closer ties between the two countries," he tweeted.

He also expressed confidence that the relations between India and Mexico will continue to flourish "like the flowers of this garden".