Kabul: After clashes erupted between the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistani military at the Afghan-Pakistan border, several Afghani families fled the Dand-e-Patan district in Afghanistan's Paktia province, TOLONews reported.

The report said that the incident took place in the Afghan province of Paktia, along the Durand Line, which forms the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, a delimitation unrecognized by Kabul.

"Many people have been displaced. They evacuated their children and only one resident has stayed in the area," said a resident.

"A mortar hit our residence and destroyed and destroyed a whole wall," TOLONews quoted a resident saying.

At least one Islamic Emirate forces member and a civilian were killed, and 14 others were wounded, in clashes that occurred along the Durand Line in the Dand-e-Patan district of Paktia province, a source within the Ministry of Defense told TOLONews earlier.

After the clashes erupted, the Islamic Emirate said they have appointed a committee to prevent further such cases with the Pakistani side. The committee is comprised of 15 tribal elders.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday morning dozens of residents of Paktia held a demonstration to protest Pakistani shelling on Dand-e-Patan.

The protestors chanted anti-Pakistan slogans in protest of recent attacks on the district, according to TOLONews.

"If someone tries to attack our land, we - the whole tribe-- are ready to sacrifice ourselves for our land," a protestor said.

"The shells that are firing over for the past three days are unacceptable for us," a protestor said.

The Islamic Emirate said a joint delegation has been formed to assess the situation.

"We want to protect our soil and borders. Also, a committee from both sides -Afghanistan and Pakistan--is working. It will continue meeting to prevent such incidents in the future," said Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

"We are ready to solve our problems via negotiations," said a tribal elder, reported TOLONews.

The clashes between Afghanistan and Pakistan have reportedly inflicted casualties on both sides.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August last year, triggering the collapse of the US-backed government and accelerating Washington's troop pullout.

In September of that year, the group set up a new government, led by Mohammad Hasan Akhund.