Jakarta: With an aim to enhance interoperability during close-quarter battle and room intervention, Indian and Indonesian special forces conducted joint tactical drills as part of the eighth edition of joint military exercise 'Garuda Shakti'.

"Exercise #GarudaShakti 2022 Jungle Warfare training & tactical drills for Room Intervention were practised during the ongoing joint Exercise, to share best practices and enhance interoperability," tweeted South Western Command of the Indian Army.

A contingent of Indian Special Forces troops is currently involved in bilateral joint training Exercise Garuda Shakti with Indonesian Special Forces at Sangga Buana training area in Karawang, Indonesia, according to the press release issued by the Ministry of Defence.

The joint military exercise began on November 21.

The 'Garuda Shakti' exercise aims at strengthening understanding, cooperation and interoperability between the special forces of India and Indonesia. The joint exercise between two nations includes orientation to advance skills of special forces and sharing of information on military equipment, innovations, tactics, techniques and procedures.

Furthermore, the joint military exercise between India and Indonesia includes lessons learnt from various operations, special forces operations in jungle terrain and strikes on terrorist camps.

According to the press release issued by the Ministry of Defence, the joint military exercise focuses on physical fitness, tactical drills, techniques and procedures for which a 13-day training programme has been planned.

"The scope of the joint exercise includes orientation to advance special forces skills, sharing of information on the weapon, equipment, innovations, tactics, techniques & procedures and lessons learnt from various operations undertaken, Special Forces Operations in Jungle terrain, strikes on terrorist camps and a validation exercise integrating basic and advance special forces skills apart from gaining an insight into the lifestyle and culture of both countries to foster military cooperation," read a statement by Ministry of Defence.

The joint military exercise will facilitate armies of both nations to know each other better, sharing experiences and combat exercises on countering terror activities, regional security operations and peacekeeping operations in an international environment.

The Ministry of Defence noted, "The exercise is yet another significant milestone in ensuring cordial relations between the two countries and another step forward towards ensuring regional security."