Baluchistan: Baluchistan Students Action Committee (BSAC) announced that they will launch protests at Lasbela, Quetta and Kech against the alleged burning of schools in various provinces.

Calling the burning of schools a 'heinous conspiracy', the central spokesman of BSAC said the motive behind this conspiracy by the anti-education elements is aimed at depriving the Baloch youth of education.

He said the BSAC will mount demonstrations against this conspiracy at all international fora.

The spokesman said schools are being burnt in various areas of Baluchistan for the last few months. The Kalkashan School was burnt in Buleda Tehsil of Kech district, he said, adding that in the Wadsar area of Pasni, the equipment at a girls' primary school was burnt to ashes while another girls' primary school was torched in the Reikpusht area.

A high school was burnt to ashes in the Wazan area of Kech by the conspirators and their agents, the BASC spokesman said.

Educational activities have stopped at all the affected schools, say reports. During the current week, miscreants set ablaze a private educational institution 'TCF' in Wandar area of Sonmiani, said a report, adding that the entire infrastructure of the educational institution was destroyed in the fire.

The spokesman added that Baluchistan is a region where the educational ratio is constantly on the decline.

Unsocial and uncivilised activities are being promoted to mislead the young generation and put them on the wrong path, he said, adding that such actions, besides unleashing terror on tne youth, are also creating hurdles in the way of education, which is a matter of serious concern.

The Baloch students' organisation not only condemns such actions but will also actively wage a struggle against this conspiracy, it said.