Movement of Chinese army trucks along LAC in Ladakh

New Delhi: China has been repeatedly trying to take control of a 17,000-feet high peak in Arunachal Pradesh. The latest clash between the Indian army and the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) took place on December 9 at this peak.

But there have been face-offs in the area in the past too, a major one being in October 2021 at Yangtse, 35 km northeast of Tawang.

The Chinese attempt to get access to the top of the 17,000-feet high peak was thwarted. The area is now under snow and will remain so till March.

This time, it happened along the section of the LAC at Yangtse, north-east of Tawang in the western part of Arunachal Pradesh. A source informed that there have been injuries to both Indian and Chinese soldiers and six of the injured have been admitted to the military hospital at Guwahati, but there are no reports of any serious injury or death.

Sources in the Indian army said that India has firm control of the peak, which provides a commanding view of both sides of the border, the source added.

Now the Indian Air Force is keeping an eye in the area through air surveillance.

Meanwhile the IAF on Thursday received the last of the 36 Rafale jets. The 36th Rafale landed in India from France. The Indian Air Force said: "The pack is complete. The last of the 36 IAF Rafales landed in India after a quick en route sip from a UAE Air Force tanker."

A squadron of Rafales will monitor the western border and the northern border with Pakistan. Another squadron will monitor the eastern border area of India.