The Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded a probe into the letter which went viral on social media

Kashmiri Fight, a blog that serves as the mouthpiece of the terror group The Resistance Front, has threatened 57 Kashmiri Pandit employees working in the Kashmir valley as teachers under the Prime Minister's Rehabilitation Package. This comes weeks after a terrorist issued threatening letters to several Kashmiri journalists and editors, accusing them of being informers of the Central government. More than 6,000 Kashmiri Pandit employees work in the Valley and the letter has triggered fear among them.

Dozens of Kashmiri Pandits and non-Kashmiri migrants have been targeted by terrorists in the Kashmir Valley since the start of 2021. Various Kashmiri Pandit bodies have voiced concerns over such threats. Over the last one year, 24 KPs have died in gun violence perpetrated by terrorists.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded a probe into the letter which went viral on social media.

BJP spokesman Altaf Thakur has asked the authorities to probe how the list was leaked. He also asked them to provide adequate security to them.

"This is a security breach as militants have a clear idea who is posted where. Government must take strong note of it and find out who has leaked the list at a time when targeted killings are taking place in the Valley," Thakur said, IANS reported.

Panun Kashmir (PK) chairman, Ajay Chrungoo, Kashmiri Pandit Sabha president, K K Khosa, Kashmiri Pandit Conference (KPC) president, Kundan Kashmiri, All India Migrant Camp Coordination Committee (AIMCCC) president, Desh Rattan, and other Pandit leaders have concerns over the threat letter.

Several of these leaders have demanded that such employees should be moved out of the valley and posted in Jammu.

Those targeted by terrorists over the last year include Kashmiri Pandits, migrant laborers, and other non-Muslim minorities. They even killed teachers.